Act of Bravery!

In light of Senator Franken's recent run-in with unfortunate choices and women speaking out (HOORAY!) I need to do a bit of editing....
For some backstory on the current event, see this article. (link)
My thoughts on this is sadness.
It's all well and good when the "bad guy" is a blatant bad guy...but when it's someone who you like, it's really hard.
What does one do with this?
Part of me is outraged, part of me thinks this happened before Franken's election and why didn't this come out then, part of me wonders if he is going to be allowed to go on with his work and if he goes than do we get rid of all the harassers? (Including our current sitting "POTUS").

Franken's picture is damning. There's no doubt it seems more like something that would occur in a frat house than with someone who's thinking of running for public office.

Is this a moment in time where we again excuse the behavior of boys just being boys, or will Franke…

Loki Bra: Part 2

I finally got a little more progress accomplished on my Loki Tribal Bra!

All the black fabric has been sewn on the cups and the new dart method isn't the "prettiest" work I've ever done...but I'm fine with it.
My saving grace is they'll be covered by stuff!

So, the next step was pinning the ribbons on in a faux weave pattern.

Kinda like this:

I'm happy with the outcome. I'll fill the big black square on the left side of the pic below with gold beadery like Loki's gold square in the pic above.

This is as far as I've gotten. I started laughing at all the pins and was reminded of Hellraiser!
Not something I'd want to try on...the back of the bra looks positively medieval!

Next step, ribbon sewing extravaganza!

Dance is the New Roller Skating!

(There I go again)
I loved, and I mean LOVED, roller skating when I was an elementary school kid. Era 1984
Everyone had their birthday party at Roll-A-Rama!

Whipping around that rink fast was my favorite thing ever.
I would feel like I was flying...with abandon. Wind in my hair, world spinning by, and I could just be in my own head.
(I know that's not the goal of most kid's birthday parties, but I'd be somewhat sociable as well. I'm not a complete introvert!)

I hadn't felt that for a LONG ASS time.

And I never knew what it was I was missing!

I just realized this morning: Dance is my abandon!

It dawned on me when I was making a playlist of songs that make me deliriously happy.
I'd think of a song, then that song would remind me of another song and I'd add that.

If it made me chuckle, and get a certain "Aw Yeah, this one!" made the list.
(You know that feeling. Admit it.)

As I was listening I realized most of the songs were super re…

Inspirator: Zoe Jakes!

Inspirator: One who inspires

Zoe Jakes
Ugh, she's amazing!
From her facial emoting to her toe stomping...just amazing!

I went to a workshop of hers in Minneapolis last October and was worked super hard.
(It was also a Ring of Fire for me to go. Driving out of town=anxiety. Tattoo appt the next day was also weighing on my mind)

Once we got started, I was lost in the learning!
(In a good way)

The workshop centered around Zoe's study of Odissi Dance (link) which is something I'd never experienced for myself. I'd seen and appreciated the beauty of Odissi Dance, but never have I ever tried to do it myself.

It was a breath of fresh air!

As for the lady herself, Zoe Jakes couldn't have been more relatable and fun. I was super star struck and this quality eased my starry eyes a bit.

As for her dance...well, I love it. I love her style and the way she chooses her dance themes.
(I do love a good theme)

The Zoe Jake's House of Tarot (link) was stylized so well, I swooned.

Feeling that music!

Violet sent me this little snippet from tonight's Pillars class. 

She said i come across pretty badass!

Im going to go ahead and agree with her.

So THIS is what excitement feels like!

I actually graduated therapy this month!

I'll still see Dr Deb at least once a year to touch base or more if I'm slipping, but it's quite a boosting feeling.

I'll miss going to see her. She's super cool.

In my last therapy session, I shared kind of a big breakthrough for me. One that gave Dr Deb goosebumps, she said.

My epiphany was:
So maybe what I feel with anxiety is what OTHER people feel as excitement?!!!

We talked that through. It makes sense as the body trains itself to react in a certain way to certain triggers. Me being scared of my brother as a child started this.
After decades about being nervous and worried about EVERYTHING my body was trained to react to even the slightest rise in adrenaline and act UN-accordingly.

Not only does adrenaline rise when nervous and scared, it also rises when excited and looking forward to something...

(I'm sure you can see where this is going)

So, lets say I have a performance coming up. I'm looking forward to…

Started a new Bra, y'all! Loki Bra: Part 1

That post title *almost* rhymes...

I've been wanting to make this particular tribal bra for some time. I'm calling it:
My Loki Bra!!!!

I've gathered materials from here and there....I finally have all I need and a deadline to get me motivated.

Student Showcase: November 11th

So, I know there are a BILLION FILLION tutorials on "how" to make a tribal bra.
That's not what I'm trying to achieve here.
I'm just going to be journal how "I" make one.
Kind of an experiment of sorts. See what works, what doesn't...the usual stuff.

How I like to start is to cover the bra first. (I'll deal with the straps later)
I make sure to find a STRETCHY material for this, as I need a great deal of stretch! (Wide Rib Cage Syndrome. ha ha)

I went with a thrift store velour track jacket.
So luxurious....ha ha.

I lay the fabric I've liberated from the jacket on top of the cups, making sure the stretch goes SIDE TO SIDE (not north to south)

Then pin it in p…